Cleaning Cloths for eyeglasses

Extremely sensitive cloths, specificaly designed to clean optical surfaces (3 units)

We present You cleaning cloths, specificaly designed for glass and/or plastic lens, screen and optical device cleaning. The material is made using ultra-soft components in order to preserve and thoroughly clean the surface at the same time.


  •          Degreases the surface without any help of chemicals;
  •          Can be used multiple times (clean, wash and clean again);
  •          Made of pure white material (so You can see when it should be cleaned);
  •          Non-dyed material provides high level of absorption;
  •          Can be washed with simple soap and/or detergent-free cleaner;
  •          Perfectly removes fingerprints, dust deposits and oil/grease stains;
  •          Contains no hard materials or fibers, thus providing full softness possible.


  1.        Prior using the cloths for cleaning, please make sure that the surface is free of any noticeable particles and/or deposits. If there are any visible deposits of sand, dirt particles, they should be removed using soft lens brush.
  2.        After making sure there are no hard particles left on the surface, using minimum pressure clean the surface using one cloth at a time.
  3.        In case of long-term grease/oil deposits, please use non-aggressive screen or glass cleaners (make sure they are compatible with the device You‘re cleaning, does not contain acids or acetates).
  4.        After cleaning the surface, rinse the cloth with simple soap and water, and leave it to dry.

Compatible: with all types of optic devices, photo cameras, monitors, screens, glass and plastic surfaces etc.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Can be used with alcohol-based screen/lens cleaners. Not compatible with fabric softeners, also cleaners containing detergents, acetone, and acids.

Cleaning Cloths for eyeglasses

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